Habla Español?

It’s Saturday, the work week is over and the weather is nice here in Puerto Rico.  Time for me to head out into the wild blue yonder.  I plan to spend most of the day practicing my fundamentals and most of the night visiting local pool halls in the area to see if I can find a good game.  To say that my Spanish language skills are limited would be a huge understatement.  As such, I’ve invested a little time this morning to learn some key phrases that may be useful to me, such as:

Yo no hablo español.  (I don’t speak Spanish.)

Quiere jugar?  (Want to play?)

Cuánto dinero?  (How much money?)

I don’t anticipate running into any trouble, but if things get a little unfriendly, I may find the following phrase useful:

Puedo comprar le yo una cerveza mi amigo? (Can I buy you a beer my friend?)

If that doesn’t diffuse the tension, maybe this will:

Puedo comprar le yo dos cervezas mi amigo?  (Can I buy you two beers my friend?)

If things get REALLY nasty, I may need to use the following phrase as a last resort:

Spanish:  No tan es trastornado, yo le pagaré! Necesito para ir al cuarto de baño, pero seré inmediatamente. Aquí, usted puede tener mi palo de indicación como colateral.

English translation: Don’t get so upset, I will pay you!  I need to go to the bathroom, but I’ll be right back.  Here, you can hold my cue stick as collateral.

Rule number one of playing pool on the road:  Always make sure the bathrooms have windows that are large enough to crawl out of!  🙂  Well, I’m off to find some adventure.  Does going solo mean that I’ve gone loco?  If anything interesting happens, I’ll let you know.


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