Shooting Pool in a Puerto Rican Zoo – Part 2

Transmitter Tower

Transmitter Tower

(If you didn’t read my post from yesterday, please read it first!)  After arriving at the radio station, Alan led me inside the building and gave me the grand tour.  I met the Disc Jockey on duty and several of the support staff, and even got to walk through the transmitter room to see all the electronics that are involved in making a radio station run.  It was really interesting to me as I had no idea what the inside of a radio station looked like.  After the tour, we walked out and Alan explained to me that he lives in the second floor of the building, which makes his work commute about 20feet.  As we rounded the building, and he said,

Newborn Sheep

Newborn Sheep

“David’s going upstairs to prepare the billiard table.  Let’s take this golf cart, and I’ll give you a tour of the farm.” We get into the cart, and off we go.  He drove us around for 30 minutes or so, touring the orchards and the stables.  There were several fenced off areas with horses, dwarf horses, donkeys, and dwarf hogs, and several large metal enclosures containing various types of animals.  There were also lots of animals running around free, including chickens, guinea fowls, an occasional tarantula and several incredibly fast bright green iguanas (couldn’t get a picture, they were so fast!).  The orchard contained exotic trees I’d never even heard of, and I saw more Mango trees than I’ve ever seen in my life.  And yes, there was even a full gown monkey in a huge cage (30 ft wide, 20 ft high)!

The Drunken Tree

Exotic Tree

(I have a video of the monkey moving around in his cage, but I’m having trouble loading the video.  Hopefully I’ll post it soon.)



After a tour of the farm, we went to his house, grabbed a few cervezas, and walked out onto the veranda.  The veranda was about 20 feet above the ground level, with three sides open to the elements that allowed you to look out over the farm.  The floor was made of shiny white marble.  A white cotton hammock was hung on the left side of the deck, and a pool table was located to the right.  Strategically located between the two was a wet bar that had been built into the wall of the building.  The view was incredible; the veranda looks out over a grove of mango trees, and the monkey cage sits just off to the right hand side.  Directly in front of the veranda is a large concrete enclosure with  wrought iron walls that once held a pair of lions, but now houses a pair of dwarf hogs.

Shooting Pool with Alan

Alan Shooting

David had prepared the pool table by removing the cover and getting the equipment ready to go.  As the guest of honor, I was given the opening break, and we were off and running!  Alan, David, and I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon shooting pool, enjoying a few cervezas, and shooting the breeze.  We had a blast.

Shooting with David

David Shooting

What’s the moral of this story?  I don’t know.  Maybe just this: Do what you love to do and see what happens.  And the next time you meet a guy in a bar who tells you his sheep just had a baby, he owns a monkey, and he keeps several dozen wild animals at his house, he just might be telling the truth!


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