Man’s got to know his limitations

My wife and I live in Santana Row, a European styled residential / shopping community located in San Jose, California.  We often spend time at a local establishment called the Vintage Wine Bar, enjoying a glass of wine and visiting with friends.  One evening a few weeks ago I was introduced to a former professional baseball player named Sandy.  Great guy.  We were introduced by a mutual friend, who went on to tell Sandy that I played a good bit of pool, to which Sandy responded (paraphrased), “Yeah, I play some pool too.  We should play some time. I bet I could get inside your head, then beat you.” The first thing to cross my mind was an old quote from Clint Eastwood, “Man’s got to know his limitations!” I responded (smile on my face; toothy grin), “Really?  Yes, we should play sometime.” Well, that time has finally come.  Tomorrow we will meet at Santa Clara Billiards for a couple of hours to roll the balls around.  We should have a great time as this is just for fun, nothing serious…unless of course I start to lose!  Heh, heh, heh!  Hey Sandy, if you’re reading this, I’m just kidding!  I also plan to get in a couple hours of practice either before or after our meeting.  I need to work on the three items I identified yesterday to improve my 9 ball game: break shots, patterns, and safeties.  I’ve got a tournament to get ready for, and time’s a wasting…


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