Run Out Eight Ball

Happy Friday!  I wanted share a practice game that I occasionally play at work.  This is a good game because it goes fast and I can squeeze in a game or two between meetings.  I call the game “Run out eight ball.”  Here’s how the game is played:

  1. Spread out all 15 balls on the table
  2. Make sure no ball is within 6 inches of a rail
  3. Make sure no ball is within 6 inches of another ball
  4. You get ball-in-hand on the first shot (place the cue ball anywhere you want to on the first shot)
  5. Try to run the table as if you are playing an 8 ball match for the world championship
  6. If you run the table, you win.  If you miss a shot, you lose.

This is a good practice game because it is fast, fun, and makes you think ahead.  So far today, I’m 3 for 3.  Looks like it’s going to be a great day!  😉


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