Got Dots?

Practice Aids

No more excuses.  It’s time to get serious about the shots that are giving me problems.  I just put a roll of mini red dots in my cue case so that I can use them as part of my practice routine.  Hole punch reinforcements would also do the job.  Each day next week I will choose one troublesome shot to master.  I will set up the shot, mark the location of the cue ball and object ball(s) with mini dots, then shoot the shot.  After shooting, I’ll set up the ball(s) again exactly as they were before, and shoot again.  And again.  And again.  The objective is to burn an image into my head of exactly what the aiming of the shot should look like, how the cue ball needs to be addressed, and by repetition develop muscle memory to allow me to execute the shot flawlessly.  I figure if I do just one shot a day, in less than a week I will have mastered my five worst shots.  The key to making sure this exercise works is getting into the zone of deep focus and  paying attention to the fundamentals of stance, bridge, and stroke.  The dots will just make sure that I’m practicing the same shot over and over.  Well, got to go.  I need to figure out which shots to practice.


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