Tough Monday Workout

Last night I spent a couple hours at California Billiards and added four shots to my workout.  It was a tough workout.  It’s very difficult to move the cue ball 9 to 20 feet, bounce it off two or three cushions, and make it come to rest within a five inch circle surrounding a predetermined target.    During the workout, I hit two or three hundred shots, each an individual focused effort to try to reproduce the exact perfect shot.  Very tiring.  My results were not that impressive, but I know I’m on the right track.  Everytime I hit the cue ball, my brain immediately responded with “Too Short”, “Too Long,” or “Just Right,” long before the cue ball got near the target area.  In almost all cases, my brain was correct.  Now it’s just a matter of utilizing the information in my brain to produce the proper stroke force and build myelin around the proper circuits, an activity enabled by focused repetitive practice.  If you want to see the results of Monday’s session, click on “The Scoreboard” tab above.  Tomorrow, I’ll continue practicing the four new shots, and hopefully increase my proficiency on each shot.


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