The Denver Cherry Bomb

I traveled to Denver, CO last week on an overnight business trip.  As part of my pre-travel routine, I always do a quick internet search to locate good billiard rooms in the local area.  I searched the Denver area online for a couple hours, and even called a few establishments to determine if they had the type of equipment I was looking for, but was having trouble locating a room.  I decided to do a quick search for professional pool players in the Denver area to see if I could contact one to get advice.  My search turned up a very interesting website called ‘The Tip Jar.”  I enjoyed reading the site, and was pleased to discover that the site’s author, Samm Diep, (a.k.a. The Denver Cherry Bomb) lived in the Denver area.  Cool!  I could tell from her website that she traveled around the nation a lot playing in tournaments and providing tournament coverage for several billiard publications.  Although I knew it was very unlikely that she would actually be in town, I decided to email her to get advice on local rooms.  Surprise!  She wrote back within a day, and told me not only was she in town, but she was available to talk pool and shoot a little.  Woohoo!

We met Wednesday night at Rack’em Billiards in Aurora, CO, where she serves as the House Pro.  We shot some warm-up games, then she gave me a lesson and showed me some new practice drills to work on.  We talked pool for two or three hours.  I must admit, before I met her I had no idea what to expect, but I found her to be a great ambassador for the sport.  Not only is she a great player, instructor, writer, reporter and entrepreneur, but also she has a list of pool shooting accomplishments a mile long.  Not to mention she is also a genuinely very wonderful person.  So if you happen to pass through the Denver area, drop by, meet her, and take a lesson or two.  You’ll be glad you did.


One response to “The Denver Cherry Bomb

  1. OMG! Thank you so much for the kind words. Look forward to shooting with you in your town. Best of luck with the game & I’ll be keeping my eye out on your progress.

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