Beating the Ghost

Yesterday after work I stopped by California Billiards for my daily practice session.  After 60 seconds, I realized I wasn’t in the proper frame of mind to shoot drills, so I decided to have a “fun session” and play a match against the ghost.  “Playing against the ghost” means playing a game (any game: eight ball, nine ball, or other) in which you start the game, and if you run out you win.  If you don’t run out, regardless of the reason, you lose.  Yesterday I decided to play a game that I call “7 Ball Spread and Run.”  Basically I just throw seven balls out on the table, start with ball in hand, and try to run the balls in numerical order.  I played the ghost in a race to 10 games, and beat him 10-8.  Whoohoo!  That’s the first time I’ve ever beaten the ghost with seven balls.  Unfortunately, that means next time I’ll have to play with eight!


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