It’s 11:58pm on a Saturday night, and I can’t sleep.  Is it because my two cats keep stepping on me as they jockey for the prime snuggling position?  No.  It’s because my mind refuses to take a break.  Closing my eyes is like turning on a movie projector.  My brain keeps replaying a never ending procession of vivid full color photos from my pool match today.  As I close my eyes and struggle to sleep, my brain keeps asking, “So, you don’t want to think about that shot again, huh?  No?  Ok, how about this shot? No?  Well, how about this one?”  Ad infinitum.    

Let me get to the point.  Today, I shot the lights out.  I’m not talking about having a good shooting day, nor am I talking about having a great shooting day.  What I’m talking about is having a day where I transcend into some other worldly realm and experience things that I’ve never seen before.  Remember in the movie The Terminator, when Schwarzenegger is running after Sarah Conner?  Through the eyes of the terminator you can see an image of her running, and superimposed on her you can see calculations, columns of numerical data, and trajectory information being generated and overlaid by the Terminator?  That’s exactly how my match looked to me.  Every time I stepped to the table, the information download was automatic: “That’s shot 2b – chalk up good and stroke with extreme draw; got to draw the cue ball a full table length” or “That’s shot 7a – stroke with very slight drawn and hit with speed to the far rail.”  I could see the lines and feel the stroke before I got down into my shooting stance.  And EVERYTHING seemed to go in.  It got so ridiculous at one point that I actually started misplaying position on purpose just to leave myself some tough shots, and the damn balls still went in.  Holy Cow!  Was I constantly running out?  No.  I played into lots of safeties when the table layout wasn’t to my liking.  I also missed a couple left handed shots and about six banks which I should not have attempted but I did so against my better judgment because everything else was working so well.  I hit shots with extreme draw, extreme spin, power follows, stun shots, jump shots (without a jump cue), you name it…it went in.  It really was nirvana.  Why am I writing about this right now?  Maybe because I’m afraid if I go to sleep I’ll wake up tomorrow and think it was all just a dream?  Maybe I’m still in shock?  Whatever the reason, I sure can’t sleep right now.

The new training program that I put together has truly transformed my game, and I’m only two or three weeks into it.  How will I be shooting in six months???!!!  I hope against all hope that this is not just a one-time anomaly.  I’m definitely SUPER motivated to stick to the program and see where it takes me in the next few months.


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