Wearisome Wednesday Workout

I got back to the pool hall today and logged a two and half hour workout session.  Uggghhh!  I must be getting old.  After two and a half hours, I was done.  Today’s workout was focused exclusively on shots that have previously given me trouble.  I worked on six shots, was able to master two of the shots, and was able to make progress on most of the rest.  Not the most exciting workout, but necessary.  Tomorrow, I’ll try to incorporate a “fun” workout to keep the spirit alive.  I’ve also updated my dashboard, so if you are interested, click on the tab titled “The Scoreboard” to see my progress.


2 responses to “Wearisome Wednesday Workout

  1. Why not post some diagrams of the shots you’re practicing?

  2. PK – Great suggestion. I’ll start to put together the graphics, and hopefully get them posted in a week.

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