Weekend Wrapup

Here’s a quick update on the last couple of days.  On Friday I added a couple more shots to my training plan and had pretty good success with both.  More on that later.  On Saturday I played an eight ball match with a friend.  We played a race to ten, and I continued to see measureable improvement in my ball pocketing and ball control skills, as I eventually prevailed 10-3.  I continue to be amazed by my current rate of progress.  The shots that I’m practicing and the intense focus that I’m giving each session have really improved my game.  By far the greatest improvement that I’m seeing is in distance control, which has always been a bit of a challenge for me.  After the first month on my new training plan, I’ve nearly completed 32 shots, which puts me slightly ahead of schedule.  Hopefully the positive trend will continue next week, as I plan to work on banks and kicks.  I’m also in the process of drawing and adding all of my training shots to the Training Program tab.  I should have all the shots loaded by end of day Monday.


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