Combos and Break Shots and Banks, oh my!

Today I put in a couple hours at the California Billiard Club.  I started out working on kick shots and did pretty well, making solid contact on most attempts.  Armed with a little confidence, I decided to do some work on other specialty shots such as combinations, banks, and break shots.  Surprisingly, I did okay on combination shots.  I also had fairly good results working on nine ball break shots.  I made a ball on the break probably 80% of the time.  I experimented with several cueball locations, and had the most success when I placed the cueball a few inches to the right of the head spot and focused on hitting the head ball as fully as possible with very slight draw.  I usually made the right side wing ball in one of the back corner pockets. On several occasions, I made three balls on the break and had position on the one.  In stark contrast to the rest of my session, my bank shots were horrific.  On my next session, I’ll focus exclusively on banks.


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