A week in review

Well, it’s Monday, so I guess I should at least provide an update on what I’ve been doing over the last several days.  It turns out, I was a little bit ahead of schedule on my plan to master all of the shots from The Pro Book by August 31st, so I decided to take a week off from my training schedule and focus exclusively on Kicks and Banks.  I felt this was needed given the obvious lack of skills I had displayed in some recent matches.   I think I’ve made pretty good progress on both.  I’ve now researched, developed, and memorized a map of the exact aiming points for any one-rail kick or one-rail bank to any pocket from any location on the table.  Now that I have these maps in my head, I figure even with my worst effort, I’ll at least get the object ball (banking) or cue ball (kicking) within an inch or two of the intended pocket.  The good news is that the routes I’ve memorized are applicable even if the final target is not a pocket, so theoretically I can bank or kick to any final destination on the table.  Memorizing the maps was the “easy” part; now I need to continue focusing on shot execution to refine these techniques and improve accuracy.  In a future post, I’ll share the aiming systems with you, and also provide the answer to the riddle from last Thursday’s post titled, “The Hustler and the Mysterious Stranger.”


One response to “A week in review

  1. well you had a breaktrough that is obvious.
    question as always, what brought it to the brink of that breaktrough?

    I did 2 weeks of smart practice to master the swing (golf) I use that allowed me to fully rebuild the motion and gain several years of experience in such short time.
    I can now swing faster and straighter than ever before.
    This added a lot to my plan which now is ahead of its schedule.

    Currently aiming to go from 9 to scratch golf this year in 3 months.
    Its getting there.
    Now, snow still here but that dosnt mean I can practice 😉

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