A Banking and Kicking Fool

Filed my taxes yesterday and it looks like I’m getting some money back.  Wahooo!  After filing my return, a friend of mine called and wanted to play a quick match during lunch, so we met at California Billiards and shot a few games of eight ball and nine ball.  The focused practice on kicks and banks paid off big time.  On bank shots, I made 3 out of 4, which is a huge improvement from historical levels.  For kick shots, I hit 100% of all kicks, and even make a kick shot for the win in 8 ball.   Just for fun, I diagrammed the 8 ball kick shot.  In the previous inning, I had started to run the table, but lost position on the 8 ball and had to turn control of the table over to my opponent.  Instead of attempting a runout, my opponent played the safety as diagrammed in the figure above.  My only option was to try a one-rail kick (or two rail kick) off the long rail with left spin to stretch the angle out.  Both the one-rail and two-rail shots would have worked since the object ball (8 ball) was so close to the short rail.   The actual kick ended up being a two rail kick, and the 8 ball went down for the win.

Tomorrow, I will be posting my article for the April installment of PoolSynergy.  Hope to see you again tomorrow!


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