TAR broadcasts US Open 10-ball Championship

I got home late last night, and caught the last few racks of the title match of the US Open 10-ball Championship.  The tournament was held at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Lee Vann Corteza of the Philippines was playing Hi Wen Lo of China.  The match seemed to last forever, as each player walked around the table and examined each shot from multiple angles before shooting.  And who could blame them with $20,000 on the line? 

I was able to watch the tournament over the internet, via The Action Report.  No commercials, no interruptions, just pool.  As I mentioned in a previous post from March 19, 2010, TAR is the site created by Justin Collett and Chad Pullman.  Their intention was to create a website to stream matches on the internet to promote the game that we all love, especially the action side.  They teamed up with Ustream.tv to broadcast the event live, for FREE!.  The coolest feature was the sidebar tweeting.  I was able to log in and join other spectators in providing commentary on the match as it progressed.  It was a blast…kinda like MST3000 with lots of irreverent comments and witticisms, but better since WE were the ones providing the comments.  Very Cool!!  Oh, by the way, Lee Vann Corteza won the match 13-12 and bagged a cool $20,000.  I know I’ll never play at that level, but it was great to watch such talented players.  Maybe someday….. 😉


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