Just Your Average Pool Hack

Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right?  Yesterday I practiced at the CBC for about an hour.  Ok, “practiced” may not be the operative word…more like “hacked.”  Fairly early on I started missing shots that I would normally make in my sleep.  At one point I noticed my bridge was loose, so I firmed it up.  I then noticed I was not setting up the bridge to hit center ball correctly, so I moved my bridge hand over a little.  Then I noticed I wasn’t in line with the shot, so I stood up, repositioned, and got into my stance again.   Later on I realized I was poking at the ball, not stroking.  After a few more misses, I realized I was rushing between shots.  Then I finally started noticing that my cue tip was landing a couple inches off to the right at the end of every shot.  Argghhh!  Argghhh!   AAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!  Just one of those days when your head is not in the game.


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