Billiards Boot Camp Day 1 – The concept

Enough with the baby steps!  Over the last few days, I’ve been easing myself back into pool.  For the past month and a half I’ve been goofing off, just playing some recreational pool, getting accustomed to my new cue and just having fun passing the time.  Now that my batteries are recharged, it’s time to get serious again.  In order to get me back on the straight and narrow path, I’ve decided to conduct my own “Billiards Boot Camp.”  The attendees for the camp will be me, myself, and I.  My plan is to put together a very structured program so that I don’t slip into goof-off mode again during practice.  Basically, for Day 1 (that’s today), I’m putting together a seven day plan to get me focused.  Here’s the rough plan as of now:

Wednesday – Billiards Boot Camp Day 2: Prep day to plan the workouts, clean and condition my cue, organize my cue case, make sure I have the right supplies, etc.
Thursday – Billiards Boot Camp Day 3 – 2 hours warm-up practice
Friday – Billiards Boot Camp Day 4 – 9 hours intensive focus practice
Saturday – Billiards Boot Camp Day 5 – 9 hours intensive focus practice
Sunday – Billiards Boot Camp Day 6 – 9 hours intensive focus practice
Monday – Billiards Boot Camp Day 7 – 2 hours retrospective/lessons learned.

Tomorrow, I’ll post a little more detail on the actual practice plans.


2 responses to “Billiards Boot Camp Day 1 – The concept

  1. Just a word of warning: 9 hours of intensive focus practice is near impossible on one day. I think it’s better to do a few 45 minute to one hour sessions. You get better results too with less practice, I think.

    • Jarno, you are correct. I’ve found that I can focus very well for around 45-60 minutes, then I must take a break for 15-30 minutes before going again. I can cycle through this for maybe 4-5 sessions in a day, but that’s probably my limit. I’ll probably just do 4-5 hours a day. Thanks for the input!

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