Billiards Boot Camp Day 3 (continued)

(Thursday, 7/29) – Tonight I drove to Petaluma, CA to check out Universe Billiards.  The trip took quite a bit longer than I had anticipated due to road construction along the interstate.  I guess tomorrow I’ll find an alternate route through the country.  Anyway, I arrived in Petaluma around 7:20 and quickly found Universe.  It was located in a turn of the century brick building with lots of ‘old railroad town’ charm.  I bought a monthly membership for $35.  Quite a deal for an entire weekend of pool shooting; an absolute steal for a month’s worth of play.  The place is actually pretty nice – the equipment is good the people friendly – all in all a very good environment to play in.  I grabbed a table in the back so as not to be disturbed, and quietly shot warm-ups and some simple drills for a couple hours.  It’s very nice to get back to some serious play again.  I’m really looking forward to a weekend of very serious practice.


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