The Love Affair is Over

Way back on 7/22, I posted an article about a new cue that I got from Ramon Mistica.  I loved the cue because of the incredible inlay work of Tony Bautista.  Since acquiring it, I’ve been practicing a lot, trying to get acquainted with the unique performance characteristics caused by the stiffer 13mm shaft.  The primary difference in performance between the new cue and my old cue was the degree of cue ball deflection.  After my dismal shooting performance earlier this week, I decided to go back to my original McDermott cue to see if my playing would improve.  Holy Cow!  What a difference!  With my old cue, the cue ball deflection nearly disappeared, which in turn caused my accuracy and touch to immediately return to historical levels.  I’m much more confident in my shotmaking and cue ball control.  Wow, what a difference a cue can make, especially if you’ve been playing with the same cue for many years.  Yes, the torrid love affair is over.  I’ll still keep the new cue as a collectors item, and may even see if I can have some work done on the shaft to put in a pro taper like I have on my McDermott, but from now on I’m only shooting with my McDermott.


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