And so it begins…

So, you thought I was kidding, huh?  Nope, I really am cleaning out the cellar, sweeping up the dust bunnies, and putting my house in order.  Yes, today I started the process of dismantling my current training program with the goal of replacing it with a well thought out but flexible approach.  No longer will I fall prey to that narrow obsessive compulsive mindset which tries to force me to focus so intently on the minutia that I miss the entire forest of possibilities.  No sir!  From now on, I’m nimble, I’m quick to adopt new and useful ideas, and I’m flexible in my willingness to change my approach.  It will probably take me all week to restructure and organize my new training program, since I’m only stealing 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there to try to work on it, but fear not, this week, IT SHALL BE COMPLETED!  Buuwwaaahahahahaha!


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