New Drills Added

Today I added some new drills to my training page.  First up, we have a couple drills inspired by Samm Diep, the “Denver Cherry Bomb.”  Samm is a respected player, instructor, writer, reporter, entrepreneur, and pool ambassador from the Denver, Colorado area.  When traveling on business to the Denver area earlier this year, Samm shared a few drills with me.  “Samm 1” is a pretty standard drill familiar to most pool players.  If it gets too easy, just add a couple more balls, then let’s see how you do.  Still too easy for you?  Why not take your chances with “Samm 2“?  This drill will be new to many players, and certainly can be challenging.  I’m sure Samm has mastered these, and more.  Can you?  Go ahead and try it – see if you like it! 

Next up we have five drills inspired by Deo Alpajora.  Deo is a phenomenal up and coming player here on the west coast.  “Deo 1” is identical to “Samm 1”, except you set the balls up on the long rail.  Too easy?  No problem!  After you master “Deo 1” and its mirror image “Deo 2,” take your chances with “Deo 3.”  Getting the proper angle for your subsequent shots can be challenging!  Once you master “Deo 3” and develop a big head and inflated ego, fear not: I’ve got the cure!  Try “Deo 4” and its mirror image “Deo 5.”  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  When you master these two drills, let’s talk!


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