Drills, Drills, Drills!

Drills, drills, drills!  Yippeee!  What could be more fun?  Ok, ok, don’t answer that!  Anyway, I’ve added a few more drills to my training page.  First up, we have five drills inspired by Bert Kinister.  Burt is one of the most prolific pool video/DVD guys out there, and has racked up quite a following in the pool world.  These drills will help you learn some of the natural routes to get around the table, and also make you focus on your ball pocketing skills.  In the words of Mr. Kinister, these drills will help you take home the “Dough-Re-Me”!  These were some of the first drills I attacked after I got ‘serious’ with pool.  Ahhhh…the oldie goldies!  Hope you enjoy!

Next up I present three drills that I picked up from various sources from years gone by.  I honestly don’t remember when I first saw the first two drills, or when I first used them, but here they are for your entertainment pleasure.  The semi-circle draw and corner pocket drills are well known, in fact, both appeared in the movie “The Color of Money.”  I was introduced to the third drill about three years ago.  I was playing in the Reno warm-up tournament at the California Billiard Club.  I got lucky on day 1 and was able to compete in day 2 of the tournament.  On day 2 I got blasted by Ed Ames.  Ed must have felt pity for me after the beating he delivered, so he took a few minutes after our match to share this drill.  It certainly helped me learn some of the rebound angles off the rails, so I hope you’ll benefit from this drill also.


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