U.S. Amateur Championship Predictions

Yes, I know this is a bad idea, but I just can’t help myself.  I recieved my tournament packet from the APA a few weeks ago.  Guess what was included in the packet?  A complete list of all players who will be competing in the tournament next weekend!  We live in a frightening age – there are no secrets anymore.  If you’ve ever played in a pool tournament before…heck, if you’ve ever picked up a pool cue and even thought about playing in a tournament, there’s a good chance that I will be able to Google you and find out something about your game.  That being said, I’m sure you’ve surmised by now that I’ve researched every player competing in the NorCal qualifier for the APA US Amateur Championship.  For almost every player,  I’ve been able to assess playing abilities in both 8 ball and 9 ball.  I hesitate to publish the details of my findings for fear of unduly offending anyone, but I can’t resist the urge to make a few predictions.  Who is favored to win?  Who will finish in the top 3 or top 5?  I know it’s a cliche, but only time will tell.  Any player can catch a hot streak and upset a more skilled player, and I’m sure there will be some upsets; however, I think I can pick out the top finishers.  It would be in bad taste for me to even consider picking myself to appear in this list, so I won’t do so.  Ok, drum roll please!  Here, in no particular order, is my prediction for the top finishers in the NorCal qualifier for the US Amateur Champtionship tournament:
1.  Jeff Heath from Reno, NV
2. Eric Harada from San Jose, CA
3. Clint Palaci from San Diego, CA
4. Changa Robinson from San Jose, CA
5. John Johnson from Stanford, CA


2 responses to “U.S. Amateur Championship Predictions

  1. Good luck to all the combatants! Should be pretty cool tourney, too bad only one spot will be given out.

  2. I think those are probably pretty safe guesses. Several of the top finishers from last year aren’t playing this year. The biggest variable though: who will actually show up on the day of the tourney.

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