GEAR: What’s in my case and why

Samm Diep is the host of this month’s PoolSynergy topic.  Samm is a pool player, writer, instructor, reporter, competitor, entrepreneur, and ambassador who lives and breathes pool in Denver, Colorado.  This month, Samm wants to know what’s in everyone’s cue case.  I’ve decided to provide a photographic tour of the items found in my cue case, and also provide a little information about each piece.  If you want to see what’s in the cue cases of other PoolSynergy authors, visit Samm’s blog here.  Hope you enjoy!

Items found in Michael Reddick’s cue case:

  1. Whitten Cue Case.  Ok, I know a cue case cannot be located inside itself, but this is where the story begins.  My case holds 2 butts and 4 shafts.  It has a black leather exterior with 1 small pouch.  I bought the cue case several years ago.  I think I bought it at the Chattanooga Billiard Club, but I’m not sure.

    Exterior and Interior Views

  2. Playing Cue – McDermott model D7 cue made with Birdseye maple, red/black nylon wrap, and 12.5mm shaft.  I bought it at a billiard supply store in Norcross, Georgia over 20 years ago, and it still has the original factory tip!  It retailed for $135 brand new back then, but I got a great deal on it for $80 since it had been a floor model and the butt had some dirt, plaster, chalk, etc. ground into the wrap.  I was nearly broke and in college at the time, but I scraped together the money and bought the cue.  After spending the next three hours picking ‘trash’ out of the wrap with a needle, it was just like new!
  3. Break Cue – Hand made by Tony Bautista from the Philippines.  The shaft was 13.5mm with a medium hardness tip.  The butt has a leather wrap and 8 hand spliced sharp points.  I recently had Ken Mendoza turn the shaft and reduce it to 12.5mm to more closely mimic the playing characteristics of my McDermott.  The shaft is still very stiff and deflects the cue ball a little more than I like on shots with english, but I love the cue, so I decided to use it as my breaking cue.

    Top Cue: McDermott. Bottom Cue: Bautista.

  4. I found a set of cue stick joint protectors in my cue case pouch.  These should be protecting my cues, but alas, I found them living in my pouch.  I always wondered where they went!
  5. A Tip Pik tip tool which is “missing” its protective cap.  One day I just got tired of pulling off the cap, so out it went!
  6. A Cue Cube tip shaper tool – Several years old, but still works like new.
  7. A stack of personal cards to stay in touch with people
  8. A bottle of 5 Hour Energy drink for those long playing sessions or late night games.  Otherwise, I would probably fall asleep around 9pm.
  9. A small tin of Altoids – with mints inside.  Usually needed after eating bar food.
  10. A large tin of Altoids – No mints.  This tin contains red dot stickers to mark ball locations when I’m doing drills.  Also contains a set of earphones for use with my iPhone.  When I’m in serious practice mode, I put on the earphones and listen to music.  It tells everyone: “Don’t interrupt me!”  I learned this trick from Samm Diep.
  11. A Sure Shot three fingered nylon glove.  No, I normally don’t use one, but in certain situations like buildings with no A/C coupled with high heat and high humidity, it’s just easier to wear a glove rather than constantly reach for chalk.  Some people say if you wear a glove it means you probably can’t shoot a good game of pool.  I say, if you believe that, great!  Rack’em up!
  12. 1 nylon and leather shaft cleaning/abrasion pad.  I probably should use it more often, but I rarely do.  My jeans are so much easier and more convenient to use!
  13. 1 hand powder bag – I purchased this hand powder bag over 20 years ago when I first played in the APA.  I got it from the Chattanooga Billiard Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I never use it anymore, but I just can’t get rid of it.  It has so many fantastic memories!

    Contents of my case pouch


5 responses to “GEAR: What’s in my case and why

  1. I can’t wait to see your new Murnak when it arrives!!!

  2. Nice set up! I miss my McDermott D-6.

    • Hi Mike. This McDermott was my very first cue. I’ve drifted away many times to try newer and sexier cues (Meucci, Predator, Bautista, etc.), but I always come back. Although it’s a “cheap” cue, I still have not found anything that plays as well in my hands. I guess I’ve become so accustomed to its unique performance characteristics I can’t adjust to anything else.

  3. Love what your doing, keep up the hard work.I can’t get through to some of your drills. I would like to see what your doing to improve.

    • I’m glad you are finding value here. I’m totally redesigning my site over the next couple of weeks. Some of the older internal links (from old articles) will probably be broken. I’ll have most of the changes implemented by end of September. After that, if there’s something you want to see, but you can’t find it, let me know. Thanks for visiting!

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