A New Look…A New Plan

This week I’m taking a little break from pool to recharge my batteries.  The all day Saturday/early Sunday morning US Amateur tournament was exhilarating but also very exhausting.  I’ve decided to use this week to rest a little and ponder my progress to date, assess which areas of my game are working well and which ones are not, then put together a new training plan for the next few months.  Placing 2nd in the US Amateur qualifier was both disappointing and inspiring.  Disappointing because I wish I had won, but also inspiring because it vindicated the hard work I’ve put in over the last nine months and validated the approach that I’m taking.  I know I will be making major changes to my training program based on my recent experiences, so I’ve started to redesign the structure of my blog to align with the coming changes.  I hope you like the new clean look.  Stay tuned for some major changes to this site over the next couple of weeks.


5 responses to “A New Look…A New Plan

  1. very clean look with this new theme. i had used the “journalist” theme before that had that clean, streamlined look, but this is even cleaner.

  2. maybe “glassius”. 😛

  3. After discovering your blog, I read the Talent Code….which I thoroughly enjoyed. Although since one of the key components that he discusses is a master coach, I’ve wondered, are you doing this mostly on your own, or do you have a coach to give you feedback?

    • I’m doing it mostly on my own now. No, it’s not ideal. Also, I can’t put in the 3-4 hour daily routines described in the book…just not enough time in my day. Last year I met with Chris Lynch at Amsterdam Billiards in NYC to get some basic training from a Pro, then met with Bob and Linda at Cue U to get 2 days of 1:1 training which was very helpful. Since then, I’ve been self-teaching and self-analyzing. I also get some feedback (constructive criticism) from fellow pool players that I practice with occassionally, but again it’s not really coaching. As an example, just two weeks ago a friend pointed out that I was lowering my elbow during my stroke follow through. I had no idea I was doing it. It’s always good to have an observer to give immediate feedback, or at the very least have a video camera so you can review yourself later.

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