Pool Practice Drills

I still have quite a bit of work remaining in my effort to document the pool drills I use.  I have now completed the standard position route drills.  Just look under The Drills tab, and select Standard Routes.  I selected these particular shots because they all return the cue ball to the center of the table.  This is a useful skill to learn because when you play 8 ball or 9 ball, it is often advantageous to return the cue ball to the center of the table after pocketing a ball.  Usually there will be other makeable shots from there.  The objective of each of the standard route drills is to pocket the object ball and make the cue ball stop within the target at the middle of the table.  I’ve drawn the diagrams assuming you want to hit a precise 12 inch target, but you don’t have to be that stringent.  Try to hit the target 75% of the time.  Once you master stopping the cue ball within these targets, experiment with different stopping distances.  If you hit the ball a little harder, you can aim for targets further down table.  I hope you enjoy these.  I’ll work this weekend to make progress on the other drills in my training program.


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