Cut Shot Drills Added

I just added some of the cut shot drills that I use in my training program.  The ability to plan and execute a cut shot is a base requirement for playing good pool.  The drills added are progressive in nature…they start easy and get harder with each shot.  The secret to making cut shots is to start by focusing on your fundamentals and making sure they are solid first, then working on your aiming method.  To determine the proper aiming point, I use the ghost ball aiming method.  Take your time on these drills, focus on the aiming point, and shoot smoothly with purpose.  Knowing how to make a cut shot is a requirement for almost every shot you will make, regardless of the game you play.  To view the cut shot drills, look under The Drills tab and select Cut Shots.  Hope you enjoy!


2 responses to “Cut Shot Drills Added

  1. i like this basic drill. basically u pocket the ball and try to hit the different diamonds with the cueball.

  2. Yes, there are so many drills out there that it’s hard to select just a few. I decided just to show drills that I primarily use. The drill you point out is similar to a drill I use to practice safeties. More on that in a future post…

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