The Half Ball Safety

I added another safe drill today.  To view all the safe drills, look under The Drills tab and select Safeties.  Have fun!

The situation: The game is 9 ball. You broke and ran, but lost cue ball position on the 9.  Now what?  Play a tough bank and hope for the best?  Are you kidding me?  Just play a safe and let your opponent take the risky shot.  Sure, he might make the bank, but 70% or more of the time he will sell out and give you the win.  Those are pretty good odds in your favor!

The Half Ball Safe Shot (a)

The drill:  Just aim for the rightmost edge of the 9 ball (a half ball hit) and address the cue ball with high right (running english) with speed to make the object ball stop in the middle of the short rail.  The cue ball will stop somewhere down table, leaving your opponent with a very tough shot.  Practice this shot many times as it comes up very often and you want to have a good feel for it.  Once you develop a good feel for this shot, try it’s cousin in the diagram below.  The shot is the same, but you will be trying to stick both the cue ball and object ball on opposite points on the long rails.  Just like the shot in the diagram above, the opportunity to make this shot comes up often, so practice it!

The Half Ball Safe Shot (b)


2 responses to “The Half Ball Safety

  1. I certainly agree with you. If only I could get some of the members of my team to learn and do this in a match. Too many times they just go for the shot………any shot. uuuuugh

  2. I developed many bad habits over the years, and this is one of them. I always find myself tempted to try for the bank, even though intellectually I know it is a bad move. For me, the struggle is about giving up control. Emotionally, I view turning the table over to my opponent as losing. Intellectually, I know it is not true, but it’s still a bit of a struggle.

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