The One Ball Safety

I added the following safe drill today.  To view all the safe drills, look under The Drills tab and select Safeties.  Have fun!

The situation: The game is 8ball. Your opponent broke and ran but jawed the 8. You ran down to your last solid but lost cue ball position.  Now what? Play a bank and hope for the best?  Don’t take a risk like that.  Just play a safe and get ball in hand for an easy win!

The drill:  You want to hide the cue ball behind the solid and force your opponent to hit a 1 or 2 rail kick shot.  Start at cue ball position 1 with the solid 1 inch off the rail. Hit the solid softly and drive either the solid or the cue ball to the rail.  Ideally, the cue ball comes to rest against the solid in such a manner that your opponent is forced to attempt a two rail kick shot.  At the very least, make sure the solid ends up between the cue ball and the 8, forcing your opponent to try a 1 rail kick.  If you don’t accomplish either, you lose the game.  Once you master cue ball postion 1, try positions 2-5.  To make the drill more difficult, move the solid from position 1 to positions 2 and 3.  Good luck!

The One Ball Safe Drill


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