Pool Shooting Shoes!

Oh! So Comfy!

I was at the gym Saturday morning and saw the most interesting pair of shoes I’ve ever seen…shoes that have toes!  The woman wearing them said they were unbelievably comfortable.  My wife commented that she wanted a pair for her workouts.  Being the incorrigible pool junkie that I am, I immediately thought to myself, “Oh neat!  Pool Shooting Shoes!”  A quick trip to REI, and voila!, I have my very own pair!  Ok, they may look a little funny, but they are very comfortable and cool (from a thermal perspective).   If you’re the type of person always looking for an edge to improve your game, maybe you should try on a pair?


4 responses to “Pool Shooting Shoes!

  1. let us know how the lateral support is on those shoes, and whether the cushioning is enough!

    i’m also curious on how well your footing is when shooting a hard break with those shoes on.

  2. I’ll give them a test run tomorrow and let you know how it goes. I can’t wait to see how they perform. I’m such an equipment nut!

  3. OK, you got me curious now too… will be waiting for your report. I still haven’t spent my REI dividend check from last year… hmmm…

  4. Oh! Mike, I am 63. I would look like a J-Bird for shure in those things. I’ll have to stay with my Rockports

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