Today’s Practice Schedule

Time for Deep Practice!

Over the last week, I have been frustrated with my pool playing as my overall performance has been a little sloppy.  I’ve caught myself on several occasions just running balls mindlessly without having a concrete plan for finishing out the rack.  It’s time to get my head back in the game and get laser focused again on fundamentals and execution.  I’ve got a league game tonight, so that’ll give me about 2-3 hours to practice.  Here’s my practice itenerary for tonight:

  1. Fundamentals 4 drill – Get focused, concentrate, and work on straight stroking techniques.  In my opinion, the long straight in shot is one of the hardest.
  2. Fundamentals 5 drill – This drill is always tough because it reveals errors in your technique; but that’s okay, because that’s how you make improvements.
  3. Classic 3 drill – Work on my short distance control.  Got to make the shot and get good position on the next shot, and next, and next…
  4. Challenge 1 drill – Work on my long distance control.  For some reason, I really enjoy shooting this drill.
  5. Challenge 2 drill – Work on my long distance control.  For some reason, I really DO NOT like this drill.  That probably means I need to work on it more often.  Arrgghh!
  6. Rolling safe drill – Continue to refine my safety game.  This is the drill that’s going to take my game to the next level.

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