My New Training Plan

Deicisions Made!

After much contemplation and consternation, I’ve finally made some tough decisions regarding my training plan for the next few months.  It was not easy making these decisions, and they are not necessarily what I ‘wanted’ to do, but I think at this point in my development these are the best items for me to include in my plan.  Here’s my new plan:

1. Serious Solo Practice – Daily practice to work on key skills needed to improve my game.  What I work on depends on a continuous honest and sometimes painful self assessment of my current playing abilities and areas of weakness in my game.

2. APA weekly competition – I manage and play on an eight ball team on one night, then compete as needed on two additional teams on different nights.  My objective is to work out a schedule that allows me to play at least two matches each week against players who are ranked skill level ‘7’ in the APA league.  The goal is to put maximum pressure on myself to win the short race to 5 matches by as wide a margin as possible.  I’m currently focusing on eight ball in the APA, but will add nine ball next season.

3. Periodic Matchups – Gain additional competitive experience by matching up with the better players who frequent California Billiards.  I’ll be matching up during the week and paying nine ball and occasionally one pocket.

4. Free weekends – My goal is not to play on weekends.  I can knock myself out during the week, but weekends are sacred.  Hence, I will rarely compete on the local pool tours…at least for now.  I got some great tournament experience in the CPPT, but for the rest of this year, I just need to focus on talent development.  This may change next year…we’ll see!


5 responses to “My New Training Plan

  1. no pool on weekends? you mean…you’re gonna try to have a life…*gulp*…outside of pool??!!


  2. Sounds like you’ve made some good choices. And I admire that you’ve chosen the APA, even though many would say that’s a poor choice for improving your game. There’s actually some great competition in some areas, and if your getting free practice time as well, it pays for a lot of those drills.

    I also admire your “no pool weekends” policy. But I think you should consider playing the CPPT Tour Championship. What’s just one more tourney?

    • I have several reasons for choosing to play in the APA, some of them sentimental, some altruistic, but the overriding reason is for me to be held accountable. My teammates look to me for leadership by knowledge and performance. If I don’t win, I feel like I’m letting my teammates down. If I don’t win by a very wide margin, I’m not living up to my own expectations. Either way, I feel the pressure every day during my practice sessions: take this serious because people are counting on you. It forces me to thoughfully assess my weaknesses, and take action to improve in those areas. I understand why some people look down on leagues like the APA, and that’s fine. My take is this: each week I play at least 1, usually 2 people who are skill level 7 (I play on 3 teams). I know if I make a mistake, they will likely run the table. This provides a great testing ground for me to experiment with different shots, strategies, etc., knowing that if I miss I will likely lose. For some reason (probably aggressiveness) I almost always lose my first game and have to fight back and win 4-5 games in a row. This forces me to bear down and win. It has also forced me to greatly improve my safety game. Sorry for rambling, but I could go on for hours. 🙂

      Regarding the CPPT Championship or Regionals, you are tempting me to step into the ring again!

  3. Hey Pool Minnow, the CPPT end of season tournament was cancelled. To fill the void, California Billiard Club will be hosting an open 9 ball tournament Nov. 13-14. Entry fee: $50. I will be playing in it. There should be quite a few great players there.

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