There’s an app for that, Part II

In the “for what it’s worth” category, yesterday someone asked me about the weights of the cues that I used in the break speed study.  I honestly didn’t know, so today I snuck my cues into our laboratory and weighed them.  The results:
(1) Bautista:  19.097 ounces  (15.090 butt, 4.007 shaft)
(2) McDermott:  19.062 ounces (15.704 butt, 3.358 shaft)
Not much difference in weight (the Bautista was slightly heavier), but certainly a difference in breaking performance.  I suspected the Bautista cue would yield higher speeds as the shaft is much stiffer.  Here’s a little picture of the weigh in, if you like pictures…


4 responses to “There’s an app for that, Part II

  1. if u got some extra cash, an 18 oz break cue works wonders. u can certainly lighten a cue, but if you’re planning on using it as a playing cue in the future i’d definitely say leave the cue as is. when you drill a cue to reduce weight u always run the risk of internal cue damage and/or changing the balance.

  2. man…wish i got a nice scale like that. judging from the readout it must be mondo expensive.

    hey i know! i’ll trade my almost new NIR chalk for it. :mrgreen:

  3. An 18 oz break cue, huh? Yeah, I’m adding that to my growing list of things that I want Santa Clause to bring me! …along with some of that chalk!

  4. Nice scale!
    So I think I stand corrected, weight is not the only factor in breakshot speed – thanks!

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