What to work on next?

After reviewing my performance this week and assessing strengths and weaknesses, I’ve come up with the following list of items that I need to work on next week.  They all can be found under The Drills tab:
 – Fundamentals 5 drill
 – Rolling safe drill
 – One ball safe drill
 – Corner banking system
 – Classic drill 1
 – Cut shot drill 3
 – Cut shot drill 4
 – Mind chatter (elimination thereof) – Ok, so this one is not in my drills section.  Maybe it should be.


2 responses to “What to work on next?

  1. don’t forget vulcan mind meld. a must for every pool player’s arsenal. if u have time, mastering the force can get u some friendly rolls!

    • Wooaaahhhh! Wouldn’t that be cool?! Unfortunately, there are no vulcans in my family tree; however, one of my brothers was a magician, so maybe I should get him to teach me a thing or two? Maybe some slight of hand tricks that could take my game to the next level?

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