Headed to El Paso, Texas

I’m sitting in the San Jose airport right now, typing away on my iPhone. Technology!! I’m flying to El Paso, TX on a business trip. This is the first time since 9/11 that I’ll be flying with a pool cue. I knew that I would have to put it in the checked luggage, so I bought a really cheap 1/1 cue case a couple days ago and decided to bring my backup backup cue…just in case it doesn’t make it to my final destination. It’s a McDermott/Breedlove cue that plays very similarly to my primary McDermott. Immediately after booking my airline tickets, I contacted “BlackJack” David Sapolis to get a recommendation on places to play in the El Paso area that have Brunswick Gold Crowns. He suggested that I check out Clicks Billiards on Airway, right off I-10. If anyone happens to be in the El Paso area tonight, drop by Clicks and let’s hit a few. I’ll be there practicing for a few hours…


2 responses to “Headed to El Paso, Texas

  1. have a good trip!

  2. Thanks! Taking off now…pictures to follow!

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