Improving My Break Shot Speed

My Break Speed Guage

Maybe it’s the engineer in me, or maybe it’s the math geek, but I’m always looking for new ways to measure, analyze, improve, and monitor my pool game. I recently decided to focus on improving the speed of my break shots. Here’s what I did. I downloaded the Break Speed app for my iPhone and used the app to measure a few of my typical break shots. Then I deconstructed my entire break shot technique into several independent parts, focused on each part individually to identify the critical and necessary motions, removed extraneous motions, practiced each part independently, then reconstructed the parts to create an improved breaking technique. The third thing I did was to evaluate my current breaking cue, research equipment currently available on the market, get some advice on breaking cues from pool pro Mike Fieldhammer, then acquired a new breaking cue. With the above changes in technique and equipment in place, in about a week I was able to improve my average breaking speed from 20.34 mph to 21.95 mph.  I will continue to work on refining my technique and building muscle strength and memory.  I’ve established a metric to monitor improvements in my breaking speed. You can see the metric in my widgets area on the right hand side of this blog.


3 responses to “Improving My Break Shot Speed

  1. if only everyone will do what u did with ur game…

  2. Hi Michael, hope this message finds you well & playing great.

    We have a common good friend in Mike Fieldhammer. Not knowing when this info was posted on the web, I don’t know if you know about the BreakRAK (that’s me)

    My Cue Maker friend (Guido Orlandi) & I are designing a revolutionary BreakCue & if successful, your 22 MPH Break Shot stroke will begin to equal a 26(+/-)MPH hit .

    Sounds like MAGIC & it may be Magic, but so far it seems to be reality.

    If any of this is interesting to you… gimme a call.

    Why did I choose you? I was searching posts with I-Phone App info & your quest to become a Professional Billiards Player caught my eye. Couple that with the fact that you too are a friend of Mike Fieldhammer & Voila!, I’m writing a message to you.

    • Hi Charley, thanks for the message. I just bought a new jump/break cue and love it, but let me know when you finish designing your new breaking cue. I’m always interested in hearing about new products on the market. Good luck!

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