Practice Games – Part One

I learned a new practice game this week.  Let’s call it “Six and Out.”  Here are the rules:
1.  Rack 6 balls on the foot spot and make a break shot.
2.  Spot any balls made on the break and start with ball in hand in the kitchen.
3.  BEFORE your first shot, you must assign a pocket for each ball to go in to.  After you make your decisions, you cannot change your strategy…you must stick with your original selections.
4.  Now run the balls in any order, but you must make the balls in the pockets originally chosen.  If you run successfully, you win the game.  If not, you lose.
5.  Play against the ghost in a race to 10 games.
Note:  If you want to make this game super hard, use all the same rules as described above, but run the balls in rotation.

This is a pretty tough game.  It requires that you carefully plan ahead and execute nearly perfectly.  If you get out of line you’re toast because unlike 8 ball or 9 ball, you can’t change your strategy as you go.  You must stick with your original run out plan.  I’m gonna give this game a try over the weekend and let you know how I do.


One response to “Practice Games – Part One

  1. what happens if u make three balls on the break?

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