My Trip to Kolby’s Corner Pocket

I took a business trip to the Phoenix, AZ area this week.  Of course, I had to take a cue stick along.  I decided to book a room at the Quality Inn in Tempe, AZ because I thought it was about a quarter mile away from Kolby’s.  That would allow me to slip over and play some pool in the evenings.  Turn’s out, the hotel was much closer; in fact, it actually shares a parking lot with Kolby’s.   Here’s a picture of Kolby’s Corner Pocket from my hotel room!

View of Kolby's from my hotel room

It goes without saying that I ended up at Kolby’s Corner Pocket every night during the trip.  On Wenesday night, I ended up shooting pool from about 7:00 until 2:30 in the morning.  I’m still hurting from that one!  Unfortunately, most of the students at ASU were preparing for finals, so Kolby’s was rather empty most of the time I was there.  Oh well.  I still got in a bunch of straight pool practice.  Here’s a picture of Kolby’s during the day and at night.  As usual, I forgot to take any pictures inside.  Good thing I don’t make a living doing this sort of thing!  I pretty much lived at Kolby’s during my off hours.  Oh yeah, Scott Frost was in town but I didn’t see him at Kolby’s so I didn’t have a chance to meet him.  Darn!

View of Kolby's by Day and Night


2 responses to “My Trip to Kolby’s Corner Pocket

  1. Kolby’s Looks like a nice place. How many tables do they have?

  2. Thanks for the question. They had 10 Brunswick Gold Crowns, 1 Diamond, and 5 Valley coin-ops. I’m posting an update in a few minutes, so stay tuned.

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