My Trip to Kolby’s, Part II

In my last post, I admitted that I forgot to take any pictures inside of Kolby’s Corner Pocket.  But guess what?  I found a picture on my iPhone that I took the last time I traveled to Kolby’s during the week of May 10-14.  Here’s the picture:

Kolby's Corner Pocket - A view from the bar

And now, for a little info about the room:

What’s the main selling point?  It’s located right next door to Arizona State University, so there’s a good mix of players: older guys who shoot during the afternoon, college kids who shoot in the evenings, and road players who shoot late at night.  This is a player’s room.  According to the locals, Kolby’s is the biggest action room in Arizona…and that’s saying a lot!  Kolby’s also offers weekly tournaments and league play. 

What about the equipment?  The tables are well maintained and each table has full length fluorescent lights, so the surfaces are well lighted.  There are 5 seven foot valley coin ops, 10 nine foot Brunswick gold crowns, and 1 nine foot Diamond.  The Diamond and six of the Brunswick tables are shimmed up pretty tight.  There’s also a pro shop with cues, cases, shirts, and general billiard supplies.

What about the food?  It was here that I was first introduced to potato chips dipped in ranch dressing.  Yeah, I know, I don’t get out that much.  They also serve a variety of sandwiches and subs, including chicken and roast beef, and also have a killer bacon cheeseburger.  Yes, the food is pretty good, and oh yeah, they have sodas and lots of beer.

Stories:  According to my sources, the Diamond table sees a lot of One Pocket action.  Just a few days before my first visit in May, Scott Frost and Preacher Ron locked horns on table 6.  Scott gave Preacher Ron 11 to 4 in a One Pocket race to 7 ahead for $2,000, with Scott getting the breaks.  The match started late Saturday night, May 11.  Scott finally prevailed, but the match didn’t end until early Monday morning…30 straight hours on the table!


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