OMGWTF’s Story, in Haiku

Hola!  My back is still preventing me from shooting pool, so I’m bored.  So bored, in fact, that I decided to write more pool related Haiku.  For some reason I can’t stop thinking about what I refer to as the “Cycak Incident.”  If you are not familiar with the shenanigans that took place at Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, California this February, you can read about it on Poolriah’s blog or OMGWTF’s blog.  Below you will find my brief rendition of the story, but I tell it using a 5-7-5 Haiku sentence structure.  Enjoy.

A quick life lesson:
it went down in Bellflower
at Hard Times Billiards

Two pool players barked
A challenge match was arranged
Two thousand dollars

Traveling by bus,
OMGWTF shows
Ready for action

And her opponent?
Jessica “Asia” Cycak
Race to twenty-one

When OMG built
a thirteen to six match lead
Asia called timeout

She needed to pee
and headed for the bathroom
or so they believed

Fifteen minutes passed
Where was she? the sweaters asked
No one could find her

Out smoking a cig?
Getting a drink at the bar?
Gone to the bathroom?

NO! She flew the coup!
Left without saying a word!
Shot an air barrel!

She ran with her stake
and left her cheap cues and case
sitting in her chair

So heed this advice
post cash on the lights, or risk
a hairdildo flight!


3 responses to “OMGWTF’s Story, in Haiku

  1. oh boy. haiku? really? i think we’ve had enough for the month.

  2. Gosh! I completely missed OMGWTF’s “Haiku post”! Thanks for pointing it out to me–and based on the comments that she received, seems like most people missed the point anyway. I shall endeavor to resist writing more Haiku, at least for a few months! 😉

  3. i think haiku is just tough in english anyway. the language structure between japanese & english is just too different. but if you like it, write it! you are the master of your blog. 🙂

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