Seminole Pro Tour Stop at California Billiards

On April 29, 2011, several of the top pool players in the world will come together in Mountain View, California for the $12,000 added first stop of the Seminole Pro Tour.  Yours truly will be competing in…oh, wait, let’s correct that…will be playing in the 10 ball event.  Did I earn my way into the tournament?  Heck no.  I just paid the entry fee.  For a paltry $115, I have the opportunity to step up to the table and play with the best of the best in a three day double elimination race to nine 10 ball event.  There will be two tables live streaming during the tournament…a tournament table and an action table.  But wait, there’s more!  Starting April 27, there’s a three day one pocket tournament that will be drawing the top one pocket players in the world!!!  Of course, I’ll be taking the week off from work to sit at the CBC and absorb the ambiance.

“So, you say it’s going to be a big tournament, huh?   Who’s coming?”  Good question!  I spoke to some of the folks over at California Billiards to find out which players have called in to register.  As of today, here’s a partial list of players who have confirmed they will play:
1. Earl Strickland
2. Efren Reyes
3. Francisco Bustamante
4. Corey Deuel
5. Scott Frost
6. Jeanette Lee
7. Alex Pagulayan
8. Bernard “Pots and Pans” Rogoff
9. Gabe Owen


4 responses to “Seminole Pro Tour Stop at California Billiards

  1. i’m sure some of the socal guys will show up, like oscar, ernesto, ulrich, morro, king kong, etc., if they’re not busy.

  2. Hello Michael,

    It was really quite by chance that I found your webpage!
    Your entertaining the idea of becoming a pro pocket billiard player caught my attention right away.
    First of all, I want 2 wish U the best of luck in trying 2 fullfill your quest!

    Secondly, how wonderful that U can take the five day holiday 2 witness all the great play which will happen in our own backyard.

    I for one will B playing in the One Pocket but I’m looking forward 2 being in your corner during your matches in the 10ball.
    Best Regards,
    Noel Bierman

    • Hi Noel, thanks for the comment! Yes, I’m really excited about the tournament. I know that I will be FAR outclassed by the players that are coming, but for me it’s just a fun way to get to the table against some of the best in the world. Best of luck to you on the one pocket side. I look forward to meeting you in a few weeks!

  3. Hello Michael,

    Great 2 hear your reply and how right U are about the fact that it will B a fun event for those who live in northern california and have’nt had the opportunity to view the professional players in person.
    Just a couple of days ago I spoke with Chris and he told me that a few spots still remain 4 the one pocket. I’m crossing my fingers that those spots will B taken by Efren and Francisco. Last I heard they were playing SVB in the Philippines. Hopefully they will all make their way to Texas for the Ultimate 10Ball from the 21st – 24th and from there the players will come out to Mountain View. Then on to LA , Hardtimes and then over to Las Vegas for the US Open One Pocket with starts on the 12th of May.

    Keep me updated on any other info Michael

    Bye the way , I’m looking forward to meeting up with you as well.

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