Licking My Wounds

I hate losing. Well, maybe that statement is not completely accurate. I guess it’s not the losing that I hate, as there have been many matches where I’ve lost but felt good about it because I knew that I had played to the best of my ability. Last night was not one of those cases. I played in an 8 ball tournament Friday night at Lucky Shot Billiards. I think there were about 20 people in the tournament, and I ended up with 4th place, but I was very disappointed with my performance.  Even in the matches that I won, I never really felt in control of my game.  Nothing ever “felt right”. In my final match I played a guy whom I know to be a better player than me, and I was hoping to give him a tough match.  Alas, I stunk!  I had several opportunities during the match to take control of the table due to some weak safeties that he played, but in almost every instance I failed to capitalize on the opportunities and left him with runnable tables.

They say a lot of this game is in your head, and to a large extent that is true, but when you are given opportunities to make a shot and take control of the table, you must be able to make the shot!  Ugggh!  Enough of my whining.  I contemplated playing in the 9 ball tournament tonight at California Billiards, but I still don’t  feel mentally with it, so I think instead I’ll just take the day off and rest.  I’ll also spend some time thinking about my performance to identify aspects of my game that I need to work on.   After all, there’s always another tournament!


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