My Straight Pool Addiction

I started playing in a straight pool league a couple weeks ago after being prodded by a pool friend for many months to join.  Now I can’t believe it took me so long to get involved.  I’m addicted!  In the first two weeks I had a blast just trying to understand the rules of the game and figuring out some game strategies through trial and error.  My approach in the first two weeks was pretty much all offense.  As my passion for the game picked up, I decided it was time to do a little research, so I went through my pool library and pulled out an old copy of The Straight Pool Bible by Arthur Cranfield.  I read it cover to cover several times.  I even took out my iPhone and snapped some pictures of the standard break shots and safeties so I could practice them during my weekly practice sessions.  Now that I have a little more experience under my belt, I’ll try to put together a more balanced approach to the game.  When I play in the league tonight, I’ll be looking for safety opportunities to prevent my opponent from posting sizable runs instead of just rolling the dice, attempting difficult shots, and hoping for the best.  Anybody have any suggestions for other good books or DVDs on straight pool?


8 responses to “My Straight Pool Addiction

  1. Hello from the other side of the Atlantic Mike.There are lot of pretty good videos on YT,in the Fast Mikie´s channel or a few runs of Niels feijen commented by David Sapolis.

  2. I have been getting DVD’s from Accu Stats on straight pool. I have learned a lot just watching the pro’s play. Break outs, patterns, what ball to use for a break shot, ect. I love the one’s with the player review, they tell you what they were thinking during the match.

    • Excellent idea! I need to get some of these DVDs. I think “Mr. 400” did a DVD where he talked through a 100+ point set. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Michael
    The other really good book that have is Phil Capelle’s Play Your Best Straight Pool. I think it’s the most comprehensive book out there.

  4. Hi Michael,
    i have been playing pool since i was high school
    and now im a married man one daughter
    i loved playing Pool when i was high school and i still love it today
    if you could spare me a copy of any good reference book that i can read during my free time that would be awesome

    • Hi Dennis,
      I don’t have any books to spare at the moment, but the good news is that there are some fantastic FREE resources on the internet. Here’s one of my favorite sites from Dr. Dave Alciatore, a professor of mechanical engineering at Colorado State:
      He explains the physics, geometry, and other practice advice on the game.

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