WorldPPA Tournament Results

103 players showed up last weekend at the California Billiard Club to play in the semiannual WorldPPA 9 ball tournament. Mary Rakin showed no fear as she blasted her way through a tough field to reach the hot seat undefeated. In the finals, she lost the first set to Michael Stansbury. In the second set the match went hill-hill (7-7), but Mary was able to take advantage of a missed shot to run the last three balls out for the victory. For additional details on the tournament, you can read a writeup on AZBilliards.

Here’s a picture of Mary Rakin and Michael Stanbury taken after the tournament ended around 2:00am Monday morning:

Hey, wait a minute. Who’s that guy on the right side of the picture? Yep, that’s me! I had a blast helping Chris run the tournament. It was fun meeting all the players and finally being able to put names with faces. If you ever have the opportunity to help run a tournament, I highly recommend it. It gives you an appreciation for all the hard work that goes into planning and executing a successful event. Lots of FUN!


2 responses to “WorldPPA Tournament Results

  1. Nice work, I thought you would have won(ok if you couldnt play in it dont judge me I dont know what the rules were just wanted to give you a hard time)

    • I did compete and finished 17th, but hey, I was in the money baby! 🙂 If I had known you would give me a hard time, maybe I would’ve tried harder! LOL! Acutally, the competition was pretty stiff. I was just happy to finish where I did. The first day I caught a gear and shot lights out for the last 4-5 hours. The second day, I couldn’t get anything going. Oh well. Need to work on my consistency. 🙂

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