Thanks Billiards Digest!

I was checking my blog traffic yesterday and noticed a few hits from a URL which contained the characters ‘…billiardsdigest…’ Curious, I decided to click the link to see what I would find.  Guess what?  Billiards Digest picked my blog as the best pool blog of 2011!  Yipeeee!  They also cited a friend and fellow PoolSynergy blogger Melinda Bailey’s blog as the runner-up pool blog for 2011!  Congratulations Melinda!!!!

I took a screen shot of part of the article and included the excerpt below (not sure if I’m violating any copywrite laws here, if so, let me know!)  You can read the full story at the Billiards Digest website.  Both of our blogs will be featured in the August 2011 magazine edition of Billiards Digest.  I want to say “Thanks!” to all the folks at Billiards Digest for the recognition and kind words.  This was completely unexpected.  I really do appreciate it!


10 responses to “Thanks Billiards Digest!

  1. You deserve it. Always look forward to your blogs!

  2. good job – congrats!

  3. Congratulations! definitely well deserved, you have a fantastic blog

  4. Jean Eichelberger

    Congratulations, Michael, on the recognition of your blog as #1. As a non-pool player, I enjoy reading the blog.

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  6. Congratulations, dude, you rock! I told you your blog was great. Keep up the good work, both at pool and writing.

    • Thanks John for being one of my very first readers. I really appreciate all the support you’ve given me over the last year. Your comments kept me going when I first started out and when I debated whether or not to continue. Many thanks!

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