The Secret to Playing Great Pool

I’ve been reading about pool and playing pool for many years now.  Over the last year and a half, I’ve gotten serious with it and have been searching for ways to improve my game.  Today, I discovered a truly marvelous technique that makes ball pocketing elementary and cue ball positioning effortless.  I would love to share the secret with you, but the margin of this blog is too narrow to contain the explanation.

 Happy Birthday Pierre de Fermat!

Pierre de Fermat, 1601-1665


7 responses to “The Secret to Playing Great Pool

  1. Maybe in another 300 or 400 years your genius will be appreciated!

  2. Hahaha I actually just got done clicking on and reading that on the google bar. Good post

  3. LOL

  4. Love it, great post, just come across your blog from a link on TipJar, loving the content so far and have tweeted a couple of the posts. Keep up the great work.

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