Twenty years of struggle.  Two years of serious dedication.  Finally…VICTORY!  Last night I won at the northern California preliminary round of the U.S. Amateur Championship tournament.  I’ll be headed to Florida the weekend of November 4 to compete with 128 of the top amateur players in the U.S. for a chance to claim the title of U.S. Amateur Champion.  Yipee!!  This is a major positive step in my journey to get to the point where I can compete at a professional level.  I’ve been on this path for almost two years now…let’s see where it leads!



12 responses to “VICTORY!!!

  1. Many many congratulations Mike! And my best wishes for the Championships in Florida. Come back with a big win 🙂

  2. Thanks Ashwin! CJ, Divij, and I will do our best to bring trophies back to the bay area!

  3. Congratulations from the other side of the sea Mike.Good luck in the finals!!

  4. Hey Michael Congratulations! That is awesome, way to go!

  5. That’s great Mike. It’s been a blast watching your progress. Keep us posted if you hear of any streaming down there. Drop em in!

  6. I’ve never been to the nationals, so hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures or video. At the preliminaries, I completely forgot to take any pictures I was so focused on my matches. LOL! I’ll provide updates while I’m there.

  7. Way to go, Michael — you are my hero!
    Best, Dan

    • Thanks for the comment Dan! I really appreciate the great job you did with your book The Talent Code. Not only was it a great source for information on talent development, but also it was a great motivator – that’s what got me started on this pool journey! Best wishes to you for success in your future endeavours!

  8. Congrats, Michael – way to go!

  9. Congratulations!

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