APA National Singles Championships

This coming weekend I will be playing in the regionals of the APA National Singles Championships. I will be competing in the 8 ball division.  This year the regional tournament will be hosted by California Billiard Club, my home room, so I can save a little money by avoiding all the expenses involved with traveling. There are 30 players scheduled to compete at the 6-7 level, with the top two competitors advancing to the National Singles Championships, which will be held  April 26 – 28, 2012 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. At the national level, there will be over $280,000 in cash and prizes awarded, with $15,000 awarded to the 8 ball champion.  This tournament will be a special challenge for me as I normally play on 9 foot tables, but this tournament will be held on 6 foot bar boxes.  I guess we’ll see how well a 9 foot game works on a 6 foot table.  September through November is turning out to be a very busy pool time for me!


4 responses to “APA National Singles Championships

  1. Good Luck! It’s not a 6ft, but rather an 7ft bar box. You will do outstanding.

  2. How did it go?

    • Hi William, I had a tough day Saturday… No excuses, I just didn’t shoot my best. For some reason I scratched six times in my first match, and as I’m sure you know, it’s very hard to win against a great player when you give up ball in hand, especially that many times in one match! Ouch! I did play pretty well in my second match…my safeties worked great and I shot really good patterns, but I eventually lost my fourth round match and was out of the tournament the first day. Oh well, hopefully I’ll learn from this experience and use that to prepare for the U.S. Amateurs in November. Thanks for asking!

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