The Doldrums

Talk about ups and downs!  After shooting some of the best pool in my life a couple weeks ago, I seem to have completely fallen off the cart.  I’m beginning to wonder if there is a phenomenon called “post goal achievement depression.”  Since my victory at the U.S. Amateur preliminary tournament (a tournament I’ve wanted to win for over 10 years), I seem to have lost my desire to compete in pool.  Very very strange!  Maybe I just need a break to recharge my batteries?  The final round of the U.S. Amateurs will be held the first weekend of November, so if I plan to be competitive in Florida, I’ll need to figure out where my motivation went.  Sigh!


2 responses to “The Doldrums

  1. I’m in a similar situation. I have practiced like crazy during the off season and was looking forward to being top dog in my league yet in the first two weeks I’m sucking bog tome. I hope things get better for both you and I.

  2. I’ve quasi taken off the last week to rest and recharge. I think it’s good to occasionally take a break, then come back fresh and refocused. I’ve had several people tell me after they took a break, their games actually got better. Good luck!

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