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U.S. Amateurs Update

U.S. Amateurs Update
Slept in late.   😦     Headed to Strokers in 15 minutes.  Yesterday, I lost my first match 3-7 then won my second match 7-5.  I’ll play again today at noon.  If I continue winning (and that’s a BIG if), I will need to play 6 or 7 straight matches with no breaks to make it to Sunday.  I found out they are live streaming one table on the internet.  Here’s the link from the APA website:
 Live streaming from the 2011 U.S. Amateur Championship being held in Tampa, FL (coverage courtesy of Inside Pool magazine and JR Calvert).

Tampa Bound!

Tonight I’m packing for my trip to Tampa, Florida for the finals of the US Amateur Championships.  Just a short 6.5 hour flight from San Jose to Tampa… I can’t wait!!!!  I’ll be getting to Florida a couple days early to give myself time to adjust to the time zone change.  My plane lands at 10:30pm, so I figure I can check into the hotel and get to Strokers in Palm Harbor by midnight.  I’ll grab a light dinner, visit with some of the locals, then hit a few balls to get accustomed to the equipment.  On Thursday I’ll be at Strokers as soon as they open so I can practice all day and get into stroke while the other competitors are arriving.  Ahhhh, the life of a pool player!